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What is Bitcoin
 What documentation do I need?

To ensure we comply with HMRC 

  • Any purchase over the value of £5000 or €5500 requires two forms of I.D. and will be issued with an invoice 
  • Multiple trades from the same customer must not exceed £8,500 or €10,000 per year without I.D.
  • Cash transactions per customer are limited to £8,500 or €10,000 per calendar year along with the relevant I.D. 
  • Invoice customer signatures are required for all trades to enable them to take ownership 

One document from each list below is required as original proof of I.D.  

Section 1 - Passport, Full Valid Driving Licence, National Insurance Card, Birth Certificate, National Identify Card (EU  only) 

Section 2 - Bank statement, Government HMRC statement, Council Tax or Housing tenancy bill, Housing Deeds, TV licence or Service statement, Utility Bill