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Iridium is an element from the platinum group metals group. It is a hard, corrosion-resistant white-silver metal with a high melting point of 2466 ° Celsius. Because of its hardness and brittleness, iridium is difficult to be processed.

Iridium is used in the following range of industries:

- Auto Industry,
- Chemical and petrochemical industry,
- Electronics industry,
- Glass industry,
- Pharmaceutical Industry,
- Fertilizer industry,
- Jewellery industry,

The global output is only about 4 tons per year.

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Product Description

Iridium is an element from the group of platinum metals. Pure iridium has a silvery aspect, it’s very hard and brittle precious metal, which has the second highest density of all pure metals after osmium. It has a very high melting point of 2’466° Celsius, making the metal very difficult to process. Iridium is used for sunglasses industry. The glasses are vapour-coated with a thin layer of iridium for UV protection. It’s also used in other fields such as electronics industry and in the jewellery industry to harden platinum alloys. Iridium, rhodium, ruthenium and osmium are rare representatives of the group of platinum metals. They are used in the following industries: Automotive sector, chemical and petrochemical industry, electronics, optometry, pharmaceuticals, jewellery and the Fertiliser industry. Total annual production in only 4 tonnes.

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Additional Information
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Country of origin Germany
Year minted 2016