1 oz Sharps Pixley silver bar

Manufacturer: LBMA good delivery refiner, marked with the traditional Sharps Pixley logo.

Country of origin: Switzerland

Physical weight (grams): 31.1035

Pure silver content (grams): 31.1035

Fineness: 99.90%

Dimensions: 49.7 x 28.5 x 2.20 mm

Packaging: Encapsulated in plastic including refinery certificate

Availability: In stock

Product Description

Offering you the 1 oz Sharps Pixley Silver Bullion Bar. Produced by LBMA world renowned Swiss refineries Argor-Heraeus & Valcambi, the 100g Sharps Pixley Silver Bar is the perfect novelty or gift item. All Sharps Pixley Silver Bars have the highest Silver fineness of 999.0. To project the integrity of each bar we advise that clients keep the metal in its protective packaging. This helps us to verify the authenticity of the bar, whilst also maintaining the condition of the bar, therefore allows us to offer more money should you come to sell the metal.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Gold Content 31.1035 Grams (1 troy ounce)
Country of origin Great Britain
Year minted 2014